Perfect for Small Businesses

Aimed at small businesses who are looking to engage their customers with content marketing. Simple, professional & automated, quick to set up with no development required.

  • Desktop Application
  • Single News Channel
  • Pick 5 Sources
  • Twitter Integration
  • Analytics
  • Standard Design Template
  • Hosting and Tech Support
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Perfect for Media Publishers

Aimed specifically at media publishers who are looking to publish their own premium content or data on digital platforms.

  • Mobile, Tablet or Desktop Publishing
  • Multiple News Channels
  • Multiple Sources Per Channel
  • Social Media Integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Selection of Layouts and Design Templates
  • Hosting and Tech Support
  • Push Notifications
  • UK Distribution
  • Volume Discounts for Multiple Publications
  • Integrated Advertising
  • Change Covers in Real Rime
  • Subscription Integrated Options
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Perfect for Corporates

Better than Paper’s full suite of customer engagement tools are aimed at large corporates with a focus on fully personalised customer-centric communication.

  • Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Content API Solution
  • Multiple News Channels Including Drop Down Menus
  • Unlimited Sources Per Channel
  • Full Social Media Integration
  • Custom Analytics
  • Bespoke Design Options
  • Dedicated Tech Support Team & Global Hosting
  • Personalised Push Notifications
  • Global Distribution or Private App store
  • Volume Discounts for Multiple Publications
  • Integrated Advertising
  • Change Covers in Real Time
  • Subscription Integrated Options
  • Integrated Content Solution
  • Full Customer Personalisation
  • Rate articles, Polls and Surveys
  • Galleries
  • Data Publishing Options
  • Integration with Company Website/Intranet
  • Automated E-Newsletter with Personalisation
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Blacklist Options
  • Keyword Search for Relevant Web Content
  • Secure Log -In Authentication
  • Sentiment Analysis
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