What is Turbocharged Publishing®?

Better Than Paper is an innovative cloud publishing solution for brands. We simplify your production process and increase your content output all in one go. An online platform which instantly creates digital magazines for mobile and tablet devices. Now businesses can create content rich magazines by continually pulling content (including video and data) from the web and mix it with their own assets. That is what we call turbocharged publishing!

Our easy to use software allows brands to produce beautifully crafted digital magazines quickly, effortlessly, and most importantly at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional publishing models. Continuous and real-time brand publishing has never been simpler and accessible for businesses of all sizes.

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Our Story

There is a new publishing model emerging. Free from the constraints of out dated publishing practices, Better Than Paper's radical mission is to promote a new lean, agile and low cost solution. We want to empower all businesses, no matter what size, to have the capabilty of engaging their customers, through content, no matter where they are. Affordable publishing for everyone, everywhere.

Why ?

We inhabit a real-time digital world. Traditional ad formats aren't working, consumers now expect not only to be entertained and informed, but to access latest news and information in a timely and relevant manner wherever they are. With increasing costs in print, content creation and distribution, publishing can be an expensive exercise for marketing departments.

How ?

Everyday vast amounts of relevant content are created, uploaded and shared on the web. Did you know over a 100 hours of content are uploaded to Youtube every minute ? We offer a very simple solution, why not package this dynamic content alongside your own content to tell your story ? Tap into communities on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and position your business alongside the latest news and insight. Become part of the digital conversation in real time.

Problem Solved

Our technology solves the key challenges brands face in becoming publishers. Better Than Paper delivers a seamless magazine app creation process without the need for developers so that you can quickly and efficiently manage, customise and test your magazine app. Using our cloud based dashboard, create your own sections, add logos, icons, graphic images, content and sources, simply select the platforms you want to publish on and then build your magazine with a single click of a button.

Cloud publishing tool

We provide a content management system that provides all the tools you need to create, customise and manage your magazine app.Our platform provides a simple way to unlock your branded content and requires no extra editorial effort, IT or design. Better Than Paper is not just about content publishing, it is the next generation CRM platform , with additional plug-in modules for push-notifications for customers, analytics packages , location based services, mobile commerce integration and mobile voucher platforms. Even from an end user’s point of view, magazine content can be personalised according to the individuals own preferences and tastes – making it even more relevant.

Better Than Paper is a powerful commercial tool for every company that wants to create long term engagement with their customers through targeted content and personalised communication.

Core Features

+ - Content

Struggling to produce content for your magazine ? Our search tool finds Continous publishing means as soon as relevant content surfaces on the web, the magazine will feature it based on your smart filtering preferences you set. Publish every few minutes minutes or once a week

+ - Advertising

Integrate different advertising formats into your magazine inlcuding full / half page ads or banners with click-throughs. Plug-Ins with Ad Networks are also possible.

+ - Multi Platform

We produce magazine apps for all mobile platforms: iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones

+ - Analytics

Build a deeper undertsanding of your customers to allow better targeted marketing activities. Our integrated analytics dashboard provides detailed insight into reader behaviour. Find out what topics matter most and tailor your content accordingly. Produce daily or weekly reports, charts and graphs to provide easy to digest customer analysis.

+ - Design

Create a layout that reflects your brand. No developers, just drag and drop your logos, designs and graphics. Position and pin content anywhere in the magazine. Decide how long each article, blog or promotional content appears in the magazine.

+ - Personalise

Full social integration - customers can pull in their own content from people they follow on social. Allow your customers to join the conversation around key articles and trending topics. Build thought leadership and community around your business - our content engine pulls in articles and the associated real time debates taking place within social. Customers can share, archive and email content to their network.

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What Our Customers Say


Ashwin Saddul Managing Director

Previously Head of Client Strategy at UTV Pitch Media (owners of talkSPORT radio + SPORT Magazine) with over 15 years media experience working in a variety of disciplines including broadcast, digital, marketing, mobile , sponsorship, promotions & print. Ashwin has a Masters in Advertising & Marketing from Leeds University Business School.

His previous clients & campaigns have included: Bosch, Black & Decker, Bayer Healthcare, B&Q, British Petroleum, COI, Dodge, Diageo, Ford, Heineken, Kingfisher Beer, Land Rover, Singapore Airlines, Toshiba, Sony, Phillips, Wickes, Unilever to name but a few…….

Gary Loftus Technical Director

Gary has nearly 20 years’ experience of software development working across various market sectors, spanning automotive, property and banking. These include leading development with Findaproperty (now Zoopla) and large projects with Halifax and RBS. He is passionate about smart working and delivering the best quality of work for our clients, on time and on budget . Gary is also a computing graduate from Portsmouth University.

James de Groot Mobile Development Executive

A graduate with a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Bristol. James is currently working as part of our development team on design and development of our mobile applications as well as website design.

Lee Davies Software Consultant

With over 13 years experience of running a web development company based in Brighton Lee understands how development has to ultimately drive business profitability for his clients. He is a Masters graduate in Computer Science and Cybernetics from Reading University.

His previous clients & projects have included: Capita, Construction Line, Stannah, Association of Chief Police Officers, the Office of the eEnvoy, Ingram Micro and several large infrastructure projects in the public sector and transport sector in particular.

Darren Beake Software Consultant

Darren has developed software over the last 13 years with a focus on online systems and software as a service. Darren has delivered highly scalable and accesible software for a number of clients and employers including the following: Tiscali, UNISON, Weight Watchers and Tesco. Darren is a BSc graduate in Computer Science at Reading University.

Matt Stone Non-executive Director

Matt Stone brings extensive experience to the team with a number of successful exits to his name. A serial entrepreneurial wealth creator with a proven track record of successful Tech/Media start- ups/exits. Matt’s previous roles include Chief Marketing Officer at ingenie which sold for more than £100m after less than 2 years trading, Marketing Director at Manchester United TV and Head of Global Marcomm at Rolls Royce and Bentley

Anjana Varsani Digital Marketing Assistant

A graduate with a Bachelors degree in Journalism from the University of Roehampton. Anjana is currently working as part of the digital marketing team to help coordinate the production of a wide range of marketing communications.